Went to see the Doctor the other day.  We were scheduled to discuss my meds to see if the latest cocktail was strong enough and working.  To my dismay the Lexapro has hit it’s maximum because I’m having problems with clenching my jaw, which is what drove me from Zoloft to begin with.  I’m still having episodes of anxiety when I’ve been poked at too many times until I have to keep from crying.

The trick in getting the meds right is to keep them high enough so I can function normally but not be completely numb to the emotional stimulus that I’m trying to reconnect with.    I want to get this part of my life behind me, I WANT TO BE BETTER.  I want to have a normal, okay maybe a high-gloss-normal life, but normal nonetheless.

Dr. W. did say something that has given me hope.  When I walked into his office I have a spring in my step and a light in my eyes that hasn’t been there before.  So, I am getting better, slowly but surely.

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