Self Love is

Asking yourself what you need


And then making sure

You receive it.


Reverse Pride

Reverse pride isn’t humility.¬† Humility is humility.¬† Reverse pride is when you are prideful of the fact you aren’t better than anyone else.¬† We all know this idiom:

Pride goeth before the fall.

I didn’t think that really applied to me because I was on the floor, I would never be ‘worthy’ of the grace of God, to take part of the sacrifice Christ provided for me.¬† Which is why my thoughts when I do something less than Christ-like I hear, “It doesn’t matter, I’m going to hell anyway”¬† I wrote it off to self-esteem problems.¬† I’ve been reading a book called “The Miracle of Forgiveness” and in the beginning it talks about pride.¬† It talked about how pride is also telling God who/what/where/why anything that isn’t in your responsibility to change or judgement you can pass.¬† I realized in a moment of clarity I hadn’t just been telling myself I’m bad and unworthy but I’ve been telling Christ I’m bad and unworthy and the grace He secured with his blood isn’t going to save me.¬† EVERYONE will have a share of His grace, no matter what they’ve been in this life.¬† Life is eternal, growth is eternal, the Grace of Christ is eternal.¬† With this knowledge came the realization of there is absolutely nothing I can do about my future, well, other than be the best person I can be.¬† No matter how messed up I perceive myself to be.¬† I have no control, and I am not perfect and neither of those are within my grasp or prevue anyway so I’m trying to figure out how I can better utilize the time feeling like an eternal-bug-in-the-radiator kind of person.¬† I’m moving forward towards my future again, it’s nice.

This begs the question: Why do I feel this way?¬† I’m not a bad person (in comparison to like Hitler, Dahmer, and the ilk).¬† They’re going to receive grace.¬† I’m not ‘useless’ or a ‘waste of clay’.¬† Where do these thoughts come from?¬† Is it that sometimes when someone corrects you by calling you stupid, where every other time it just bounces off your psychic armor until one day the chink is displayed and you are mortally wounded?¬† I’ve called myself stupid most of the time when I do something wrong, from burning dinner and blowing a tire to stubbing my toe on something I’ve left on the floor.¬† I’m far from stupid.¬† I still compare myself to others and, yes, that’s wrong, but I’m finding out all the useless information I seem to gather has made me rather intelligent.¬† Not to be prideful, but my last IQ test (online) I hit in the high 120’s.¬† If I could do math it might be a little higher but I suck at math.¬† How can I be so easily fooled and so completely without guile that I would believe everything bad and evil that I am told both inside and outside my head?¬† The bigger question is, how to I seal up that chink so the darts of negativity aren’t hitting the pink flesh beneath?¬† I am correcting my thoughts when I become aware of them, I try to keep positive quotes handy on my phone, my notebook, my walls, but how can I paper the inside of my head with them?¬† Any suggestions?¬† Please share.

Crossing the Line

Sorry, I’ve been distant, silent even.¬† Mostly because I did something wonderful and it confused me.¬† Let me explain…..

I went on vacation with my family, it was a wedding onboard a cruise ship and we were invited to join the happy couple for the honeymoon.¬† We all had our own rooms of course.¬† I brought a long two books; one pleasure and one enlightening.¬† I chose the Enlightening book first.¬† Before the end of the first day at sea I grabbed my book and went up to the top deck, sunglass/reading glasses in hand and a hat and read.¬†¬† Within the first ten pages I came across a statement (that I can’t quote because it’s not exactly what I read but what I needed to hear) to the effect of:

There comes a time when introspection becomes indulgent.

It struck me so perfectly at that moment and I realized, every aspect of me said it was time to move on and move forward.¬† There was nothing more I could do with the deep dives into who, what, and why that makes me who, what, and why I’ve become.¬† I needed to put myself out there and try to put into place what I have learned, to build on the foundation that I have laid and hopefully not have any dead bodies hidden in the cement.¬† At many points in life we need to stop and do the self evaluation/inventory/mind-tripping that helps us move to the next level, but I feel like I’m all caught up now….

Crossing that line, the invisible line between the two worlds instigated a miraculous change in my psyche: I’m happy, I’m hope-filled, I have more energy, I am making plans for my future and are anxiously waiting to put that plan into motion.¬† (Mom is still doing well, so things are still as they were).¬† Crossing that line also gave me the push I needed to start¬† whittling down my meds.¬† I’m off one of my anxiety pills completely, I’ve cut my Lexapro in half, I’m still taking all my puppy uppers (Welbutrin).

I don’t know if I’m ready to go down another 10mg on my Lexapro.¬† This last jump down brought up the realization that I don’t really have the skills that I thought I had when¬† I was fully medicated, and emotions are starting to break through the chemical barricades.¬† I’m getting caught in the angry loops, but I have more success of talking myself out of them before I spin out of control.¬† I get overwhelmed and stymied easily , but if I just plug away at it, it gets done.¬† I’ve had to put some¬†exercises into place so I could deal with the mental stuff, one of those is writing every day.¬† Which brings me back to the confusion….

For the longest time I used this blog as an integral part of my self exploration.¬† Anything too private was taken care of in my journal, and I’m back to journaling now too, but if¬†continual introspection is self indulgent, it’s not something I should be engaging in if I want to move forward in my life.¬† And I’ve made some major strides in my life from March to now, but I didn’t know if I should start a new blog post-depression to write all the plans and¬†the executions with both successes and failures or if I should just continue here; or should I do it at all?¬† I miss it, so I need to keep doing it .¬† I found that blogging my personal truths out into the world is an act of courage and bravery that makes me feel more courageous and brave in the real world.¬†I think it’s not self indulgent if it isn’t wallowing in the dark but instead sharing the joy and excitement of rediscovering my life now that I’m outside the void.

Any input from my readers would be helpful.  Please,

Prayer: The Hearts Sincere Desire

I’ve been praying again, at least making an honest effort. ¬†I still forget that I’m praying sometimes and let my mind wander but I pull it back as quickly as I can, apologize to my Father in Heaven and push forward. ¬†It seems odd that prayer is so hard for me. ¬†That it was nothing before but “Please, Father, get me through today.” (And He did) But because of my meager efforts I’m no longer extremely anxious about taking the forward steps I need to into the haze of uncertainty because I know He will prepare a path for me even if all I can see it one step at a time.

It’s so hard to describe the sensation of this for me. ¬†I’ve always known there was a higher power (mine is God/Heavenly Father/Elohim) for as long as I can remember. ¬†At one point I wanted to be cloistered away as a nun; ¬†a life of service and reflection apparently appeals to the writers heart. ¬†However, I chose the secular world and now my realities are 1) my job is ending 2) my education to be a phlebotomist is a joke in the industry 3) I’ve not stuck anyone in years and 4)it’s going to pay less (especially a non-union job) than the pittance I’m making now. (I’m not even going to go into the lack of writing, lack of journaling and lack of any creativity in my life right now). ¬†My mind races and then collapses from exhaustion. ¬†I think R.E.M. said it best:

It’s the end of the world as we know it

And I feel fine

I’ve never been able to really make plans for my future because I’ve always had the concept hard wired into my mind “Live now for tomorrow we die”. ¬†So now, I pray about it, when¬†the anxiety, fear and general loathing of change overtakes me and then a calm comes and the gentle words of peace and comfort scatter the emotions like cockroaches in the light and I feel fine.

Though I’m still anxious about a lot of things:

  • Mom’s ultimate destination and getting her ready, getting me ready, fear of walking in on her and finding her when I’m alone
  • Money lasting to the end of the month and not being able to buy stuff with my own money
  • Getting money together for my nephews wedding (This is new one, he’s going on a cruise and we’re all invited)
  • Job ending
  • Job searching
  • Being trapped forever with Mom
  • Never getting my eating under control and never being able to eat Golden Mega Stuff Oreos again
  • Dying before I have a chance to live
  • Being around people
  • Dealing with my family and the anger it stirs up in me and the fear of not being able to control it around them

That’s just off the top of my head, the things that I can pick out when it’s spinning. ¬†Though I know everything in my heart will be okay, the chemicals in my brain still won’t settle down and leave me in peace. ¬†I’m hoping to replace my emergency anti-anxiety pills and the half one I take every day, with meditation and prayer. ¬†It is my sincerest desire to be trusting and rest in the Lords embrace and know everything will be okay. ¬†Though my heart is starting to trust my head is still overly paranoid and distrusting of everyone and everything, both physical and spiritual. ¬†It’s not the end of the world, just a change, and I will be fine. ¬†Prayer needs to be my¬†bridge from this life to the next, I can feel that in my heart to be true and I need to be more persistent in following the whispers of hope and orient myself to the feeling of warmth and comfort the Spirit provides when¬†I follow my heart.

Once Bitten…..

There is a scripture that talks about a child being able to put his hand in the den of asps and not be harmed. ¬†This of course is Isaiah divining¬†the peaceable kingdom to¬†come. ¬†I know we aren’t living in the time of peace and harmony so why do I still stick my hand out to be bit every time I talk to Mom? ¬†She is convinced that I truly do not earn my keep, at least not the $12.33 an hour I’m supposed to work for her. ¬†I’m working from home today and she’s already planned blood draw and then her social worker is coming over which will more than use up the allotted time I’m supposed to work per day to “earn my money” ¬†but it’s not cleaning house, it’s not doing her laundry, it’s not feeding her birds, it’s not slaving for her. ¬†She wants unconditional love, unconditional devotion, and unconditional willingness to be kicked in the gut when she needs someone to hurt as much as she does so she has the illusion of control and doesn’t feel alone. ¬†Where I want to hurt myself in those situations she wants to hurt other people.

I know that, I’ve know that she’s angry and scared and is having problems adjusting to the inevitable. ¬†I know this then why is it it hurts and tears¬†at me when she says things like “Well, it’s not like you’re earning your money. ¬†I could probably cut your hours back so K can work full time”. ¬†I know she needs and wants to keep me on “the payroll” because she’s afraid that if I didn’t need my medical so desperately, I would quit her and leave her alone to die. ¬†I think that’s what she has always expected her whole life, that she would die alone because her family doesn’t love her, that she is unlovable. ¬†She’s convinced herself her parents and siblings hated her, and if even half of what she has told me is true, it is probably the root cause of all this, her husbands have abused her, cheated on her (or so her expanding memory keeps telling her), her grandkids (except for one) hate her and she doesn’t know why, I’m only here for the money and benefits. ¬†I can’t seem to change her mind on that.

The bright side to all of this is the medications are working. ¬†I know they are because I’m not ranting about her, knowing that if I keep going on and on about how I do my job would send me into an emotional maelstrom and I would dwell on it for hours if not days. ¬†I might still pick it up from time to try¬†to figure out what do but I’m able to divert my thoughts when I realize I’m starting to spin before I’m out of control. ¬†Amazing what happens when you take your pills every day.

The angry person that I am wants to tell her what she can do with her $12.33 and comprehensive benefits and put them somewhere the sun doesn’t shine. ¬†But honestly I couldn’t afford to pay for COBRA and also lose the pittance of a paycheck that I get from my second job. ¬†Heaven knows I’m not able to afford everything else with my first job. ¬†Pushing the anger aside I’ve been able to think clearly enough and realize that going without medical is no longer an option in the US, and ways have been provided to help those of us who can’t make their ends meet. ¬†So, what this means to me is that I don’t have to work for her any more, I can be her daughter, do what I am emotionally and physically able to do for her and take back the control I need for my own sanity. ¬†I know, I know, control is an illusion, no one has control. ¬†Despite that, I need to protect myself as much as possible as she starts to deal with her own end-of-life issues I want to be there with her and I want to help her and prepare her but not at the expense of my own sanity. ¬†If anyone is going to drive me over the crazy cliff it will be me. ¬†I am the mistress of my own fate.

So this gives me a whole new list of things to do:

  1. Contact Covered California for help in figuring out the system (done)
  2. Get the cost of COBRA
  3. Sign up for VHP but not on Medi-Cal.
    • Medi-Cal patients are treated differently than VHP participants.
  4. Assign my hours over to K and then quit my job as Mom’s “caregiver” and then start taking care of her as her daughter.

I doubt she’ll stop trying to hurt me, but at least she might have to think twice because I’m not getting paid to be her personal walking and talking Damnit Doll.

The Avoidance Obfuscation Sublimation Observation

Mom was busy yesterday.¬†¬†She met with her Hospice nurse today, she had a large job of instructing someone how to make her famous potato salad and yet still carved out time to accuse me of being lazy, slovenly and piggish.¬† Okay, the piggish statement was a joke, though knowing the comment “Don’t eat it all” makes me see red.

I can’t get mad at her, well, I can, I just can’t let it blow out all over her.¬† She knows she’s pushing my buttons. She even admits to it.¬† I don’t know why.¬† I’m not sure I want to know why, it would probably make my head implode.¬† I know my emotions are in a snarl as well so I think any kind of joke or button pushing will hit me so totally off center that there isn’t really any hope for me not to walk away and keep walking.¬† I can’t do that, I don’t want to be that person.¬† I won’t be that person.

I have noticed when I’m angry, really, really angry I stuff it down with inappropriate behavior, like Mega Stuff Golden Oreos (the absolutely most perfect Oreo in the whole universe),¬†I avoid coming home by “researching” things on the internet and sorta stretch the truth as to why I was late “Traffic and red lights all the way,”¬† Never mind that I left an hour or so later than when I got off.¬† The last few days I’ve been sublimating my anger by buying stuff for her.¬† Not horribly expensive, but expensive looking.¬† Well, expensive looking on a monitor.¬† Trinkets, baubles and tea.¬† I signed her up for Tea Sparrow, it’s a monthly tea delivery site out of Canada.¬† It’s going to be delivered to her without my name on it so she thinks she has a secrete admirer.

Though the goal is to make her feel loved, in truth it’s to help me assuage the guilt for feeling so irritated and angry with her.¬† I did this in MTC 150 years ago when my companion and I didn’t get a long at all.¬† I would have Elder Kelsch pick up something from the book store and post it from the outside.¬† It didn’t change the way she felt about me, but it did make me not liking her….well…hating her….more justifiable to me.¬† In my mind it took the power I thought she had over me, actually the power I gave her over me, and magically transformed it in my mind as me having power over her.¬† Power is a lot like control: It’s an illusion.¬† It was before I realized that the only power I have in this world is the power over myself.¬† I’m doing it again.¬† I’m trying to supplant the anger, frustration and emotional distress in my heart and mind by buying her things she really doesn’t need, so I can make her feel better but in reality I want the power over her, in my mind anyway.¬† Luckily for me, though she hasn’t changed much…… well ever……..but that shouldn’t deter me from doing my best in making her last days loved and as nice as possible.¬† Even if it means staying up and extra hour or so to do the dishes so she doesn’t think I’m leaving all the work for the morning person K.

But seriously, if I don’t do a button-ectomy¬† soon she is going to drown in chiffon scarves, packets of tea and crystal watches.

The Best Laid Plans…….

Okay, here’s the sitch with not going to school this semester.

After Mom’s little tirades and big tirades about how I wasn’t earning my keep, how everyone keeps a 40 hour a week job and comes home and cooks dinner, does a load of laundry or two and then cleans and picks up after themselves……then swinging over to I’ll be too scared with you sleeping in a camp site with a knife for protection, they’ll just take it away from you and slice you open. ¬†They enjoy stuff like that…..You don’t care about me. ¬†I’m afraid I’m going to die alone and even with you here, you can’t even be helpful to me for that….. ¬†I’m going to stop now, my head is starting to hurt. ¬†Even with all her blustering I was set on going to school. ¬†I figured if I could work from home on Thursday, my sister coming in the evening to take care of her I could skip the traffic and nap before class and then with chemical aids like 5 hr. energy and soda I should be able to stay awake on the way home and not have to stay at the state park. ¬†Easy peasy. ¬†She wasn’t going to talk me out of going to school because she was scared. ¬†I was kind of looking forward to being that close to the beach to hear it in the morning when I got up.

I talked to my bestest friend in the world and she just simply said “There are too many moving parts to that plan to work well,” and I realized she was right. ¬†I think if she said the exact same thing as what my Mom said I probably would have listened to her. ¬†Yes, that sounds like an immature reaction on my end, but I know my BFF wants what’s best for me whereas my Mom just wants whats best for her, so I don’t trust any of her advise. ¬†I realize that is part of her narcissism, and I know in some ways she can’t control it. ¬†She has to realize something is wrong with herself before she can start changing, and she will never see the error of her ways. ¬†So after more thought and prayer and thinking as to what I could do to move my plans forward if I didn’t attend school.

So here’s the plan:

  1. I pay for my Continuing Education Credits
  2. I study and pass the test
  3. I pay the money and fill out the form
  4. I get my certificate back

With my certificate in hand by January, I will be able to look for a blood letting job and sign up for the online course for medical terminology and put on my resume that I know my education wasn’t very accredited but I am going to an accredited college that will teach me the right stuff, and by being so proactive in my education it will make me look like a good egg. ¬†Everyone wants good eggs, bad eggs smell to high heaven, and even if you get rid of them their odor lingers for days/weeks/months to come.

One thing I found out while researching state parks for California. ¬†They have a special pass for the disabled. ¬†You pay $2.50 for the form processing and then you get 1/2 off your cost for camping and day use of the park. ¬†I looked at there definition of “disability” and depression is one of them. ¬†I realize that as things are getting better for me in that arena I will need to apply for it soon while I’m still in this maelstrom of emotions. ¬†I want to start camping. ¬†Glamping for longer times in the wilderness, but camping for weekends anyway. ¬†I can afford that, it might be all that I will be able to afford for vacations in my life so I might as well embrace it now and get the stuff that I want and need for the wilderness experience.

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