Okay, I finished When Anger Hurts, well what applied to me.  I don’t have kids to take it out on, and I’m not in an abusive spouse, I didn’t think I need to read it.  Not unless you consider caging Sammy at 7:00pm every night or calling Mom a big whiney baby when she talks about her pain.  I don’t really mean it, but according to the book I sorta do.  I’m trying to stop it, but it’s just so cute and funny, and yea, it releases some of the anger and tension.

I dropped a note to Dr. McKay about making an app for the book.  I haven’t heard back, haven’t really expected to.  He is busy releasing the rage in the rest of the world.

It is a good book, it has a lot of good advice as to how to wrangle the rage and re-align the anger into correcting the behavior to unseat the thorn that the rage is festering over.  I didn’t do the diary thing, I wanted to read through it to see how it ended first.  And now that I know what’s going to be required of me in the writing I can set me up the journal to be able to accommodate the different steps.  So, though I’ve finished reading it and tweezing out different gems for my journal discussions I will be doing,    Plus it’s kind of impossible for me to not get through the middle of a and then go to the back to make sure that everyone lives.

I’m in the middle of Living Buddha Living Christ and the Monk that wrote it is also speaking to me, calming the angry ripples in my soul and explaining more about medication, about mindfulness.  How being aware of what you eat, what you drink, the clothes you wear and the things you say, they all return back to peace and mindfulness.  I plan on making his book on Anger my next read with the WAH book again with journaling.

The bottom line is I can feel myself when I start getting out of hand, I back up, take a deep breath and the pull the puppy by its tail and let it cool down before I jump into the fray.  When I feel like I’m being judged, mostly from my mom and sister, tend to hurt the most.  I have to realize they aren’t going to change, it’s not fair of me to ask them to change. I can only change my reaction to the stimuli or back away from it and take a break until I can get to a calmer state so I can calmly negotiate things to where they need to.

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