Ten years ago today I was woken up by my sister and told to turn on the TV.  Upon seeing one of the towers in flames I knew who did it.  Though I really didn’t know the whole story behind the whole thing at that time, the name that came to mind instantly was Osama Bin Ladin.  My plans for that day were changed and pushed off for a few days.  I was scheduled to be evaluated for a bi-polar therapy test panel in Berkeley.  Seems strange, as the world was introduced to global terrorism on our own soil I started recognizing the terrorism of depression and anxiety in my own mind.  I didn’t realize that until just know.  I can see the conversation my sister and I had in my car as we sat listening to the radio.  I called to change my appointment, they understood, and we just listened to NPR relate to us the events as they were unfolding at Ground Zero.  In no way am I comparing my struggle with those of the families of the victims or first responders, it just seemed odd to me that these days were somewhat uniquely commingled in my memory.

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