I’ve just finished a fun read called “The Oracle Glass” by Judith Merkel Riley.  If you need a vacation this book transports you to the court of Louis XIV, the Sun King.  You will be twirled around the court and the intrigue becomes your obsession as a small, twisted girl becomes the talk of the town for her ability to see futures in water.  The most delightful aspect of this book is the humor involved.  It’s a good read, a good laugh and a walk through history.  (I’ve read it twice this year alone).  But that’s not why I’m writing.  One of the characters was known for throwing lavish parties for the beginning and the ending of court, or witches feasts and so on.  It got me thinking.  If the Shadow Queen can throw a grand party for all things dark and sinister why can’t I throw a party when (Notice I’m not saying if here) I’m out of the void?  Would it be to de classe as the French would say?  I’m talking about haiving little nibblies and gifts for all the people who helped me through this?  Sort of a thank you to y’all and a yee haa for me.

P.S. Check out the book, I swear you’ll love it.  Riley knows her history and has mad skills with the pen.

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