A dear friend and fellow blogger (www.unabridgedgirl.com) Mckenzie has been going through a lot.  Lupus is the darkest and a loving supportive husband as the brightest extremes in her life.  One blog she wrote talked about how a friend of hers that made a rude comment.  In the end she made a list of things to remember in the Hard Moments.  I stole them to remember myself and share:

Here are some things I have learned.

1. When you face a hardship you learn a lot about the true nature of friends, family, and people.

2. Things can always get worse.

3. It is okay to smile, even when you feel like frowning.

4. It is extremely easy to get caught up in one’s own woes and difficulties. Basically, get over yourself. It is easier said than done, but real gratitude for those around you goes a long way.

5. Crying is okay.

6. Laughing is even better.

7. Give yourself permission to be angry.

8. Give yourself permission to forgive.

9. Rest.

10. Let your loved one rest, too.

11. It isn’t all about you.

12. Take a walk.

13. Don’t be afraid to voice your appreciation.

14. Be still.

15. And never, ever give up.

3 thoughts on “Friendly Words of Wisdom

  1. I think they are all very useful. Except 4. that one is true, but bullshit advice. If you could just get over yourself than this whole fucked up mess would be no problem at all. Everyone has to find its own way to do that, some need help, some are able to do it on their own. Are you able to do it on your own?


  2. Mmh, haven’t seen it that way. Well, yeah help is hard to ask for and harder to really let happen. But to be honest, most people don’t know what is right and simply think they do.


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